School Council

Meet our School Councillors 2017 - 2018


                               Year 6                                                             Year 5                                                                  Year 4                                                               


                                                                  Year 3                                                              Year 2


So far this year, the School Council have been very busy; helping out at events, listening to the voices of all children and making improvements to our school!Related image
  • Helping to organise our MacMiliian's Coffee Afternoon
  • Our St Teresa's Christmas Day Appeal, supporting Homestart
  • Improving Lunchtimes at school with new and exciting zones in Key Stage 2


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The School Councillors want to hear from you!! 

They have been working together to create a questionnaire for everyone to have their say on some important things within school; Snacks, Zoning and Our Summer Treat. Keep your eyes open and make sure you have your say to help improve our school further.