School Website App Launched

13 October 2015

The school website App (Schudio App) made available by schudio, providers of the school website, is available for download on your apple or android device (ipad, smart phone, etc) to see school news, events and announcement's.


To get the Schudio App go to the App Store on your Apple device or the Google Play store on your Android device and search 'Schudio'.

Also available here:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store


Once you've downloaded the app it couldn't be simpler to use. Open the app and you'll be presented with a list of schools.  Scroll down the list to 'St Teresa's Catholic Primary School' and select. 


Thats it! You're up and running on the Schudio App!

On the App you'll be able to see News, Events and Announcement's; it couldn't be simpler.

Note that the App calendar option will take you to the schudio calendar rather than the school calendar.  To see the school calendar (the one that contains the full list of events and clubs) go to the school website and select 'Parents' >> 'Calendar'.