Mrs Goodyear

Welcome to our class page. Here you will be able to read all about the exciting things we have been learning about together.

Summer 1 has been an extremely busy half term (and challenging!).

The children have worked incredibly hard all year towards their SATs tests and demonstrated a mature attitude all week to their studies. 

As part of our creative topic, we have been studying seaside holidays of the past and looking at different beach locations around the U.K. shoreline. It was great to see the children comparing the eras and they created some fantastic non-chronological writing linked to the theme. 

In Art we have explored the work of Abigail Mill (a textile artist) and we will continue this after half term. 


We had a fabulous time at Whitemoor Lakes. The children tried a variety of activities including rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rock-climbing, abseiling, problem solving and high ropes to name a few! Have a look at some of our pictures from the trip.

After half term we will start preparing for our end of year production 'Hoodwinked'.


Understanding grammar terminology can be tricky business- follow the link for a complete guide to grammar which will help you support your child. Click here to view Year 6 Grammar Glossary

Since we came back to school after the Christmas holidays, the children have been working really hard to develop their writing skills. We have studied The Hound of the Baskervilles as a class novel and the children have really got into the spirit of being detectives! I have been really pleased with their writing throughout the last few weeks.

We have been thinking a lot and reflecting about our Faith and how we can use it to help others. The children are now working hard on their Faith in Action challenges and have taken a leading role on planning collective worships throughout the school.

On Friday 3rd February, we were extremely lucky to have a visit from our class governor- Mr Seed. The children read some of their crime stories, we created some Art for the R.E. topic and finally we celebrated a collective worship with Mr Seed. We look forward to working with him again later on in the term.



What a fabulous few weeks we have had in class since our holidays. The children have been really working hard on their new topic Britten's Got Talent. Over the half-term break, they created some superb posters and information booklets about a famous British composer. I was amazed at the range from Ralph Vaughan Williams to John Lennon; it was lovely to see all the creative elements to their projects. 

We started our topic with a science day where we looked at light and how we see it. The children completed a range of experiments to observe how light is reflected and refracted which included making their own puppet show! Their enthusiam was outstanding and their knowledge was great to see. 

In English we have been working really hard on our new book Alice in Wonderland. Exploring characters, writing extracts and practising our use of semi-colons and colons has allowed us to explore the writing techniques of Lewis Carroll and perfect our descriptions. I have been so proud of all the work created. 

In maths lessons the children have been working really hard on their understanding of ratio and fractions. Hopefully all that hard work will pay off when they next need to make a recipe!

Our Art has focussed on adding tone and shade and we have studied famous Op Artist Bridget Rliey, to identify how she creates the illusion of movement in her art work. 

Last week was national Anti-Bullying week and I was so impressed with the hard work the children gave throughout the week, particularly when completing tasks. The children designed some superb Anti-bullying superheroes which we have displayed in class. As part of the Year of Mercy, we were extremely lucky to have a visit form the Animate team from the Liverpool Archdiocese. We participated in a christmas wrapping contest, sang some super songs and reflected on our spiritual journey and how we can help support others.  






Year 6 have taken part in their first challenge of the year - Survival Day!

The children had to comlete a series of challenges throughout the days such as: den building, tent building, making a shelter and lightingsome cotton wool using a flint. We were very lucky to have excellent weather and we have so many wonderful memories of the day. Here are a few pictures of what we got up to on the school field!











Class Teacher: Mrs. Goodyear                                               Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Maitland 


Class Governor- Mr Steve Seed


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